Hello from Health Link Project Coordinator, Jennifer Mackie:

Welcome to the Guelph Health Link community website. Here you will find information and a variety of resources pertaining to the Guelph Health Link that may be of interest to community providers. Let us know if you wish more information: Jennifer.Mackie@Guelphfht.com

Welcome from Ross Kirkconnell and Guelph HL Steering Committee Members:

With a long history of successful collaboration, the Guelph service community is well-positioned to success with Health Link. The Government has spoken: 5% of the population is using 2/3 of the health system resources ... and that’s not right. We need to build on our achievements and challenge our assumptions. Health Link in Guelph is a vote of confidence – our founders know if it can be successful anywhere, Guelph is the place!

Health Links Explained

"Can we provide better care for our most complex patients, including seniors with multiple needs?"

Meet Mary. With diabetes, a bad hip and emphysema, Mary has a lot of appointments,
doctors and medications. Lately, she's in and out of hospital too. It's hard on Mary. And her
daughter spends a lot of energy trying to find her away around the health system to help her mother get the right care.

Learn more about Mary and how Health Links has provided her a better way to manage her own care and life.

What is a Health Link?

• A Ministry of Health and Long Term Care province-wide initiative aimed to coordinate “wrap-around-care” by health, social and community service providers for individuals with complex needs
• Guelph Health Link started a year ago as one of the early adopters- there are now 47 health links
• In its first year, in partnership, the Guelph Health Link has initiated over 800 coordinated care plans and identified over almost 1200 complex, chronic Guelph residents who may benefit from this approach

What’s different for health link members relative to others with needs?

• Individual interviews to understand “what matters” to HL members and identify their personal “well-being” goals
• Information is captured in a coordinated care plan or Guelph Health Link Passport and is shared with involved care providers - in Guelph, we provide a personalized Guelph Health Link passport
• Health link members are assigned a “go to” person or health link guide to ensure warm transitions between services and supports
• Click on GHL Passport Infographic to see the handout we give Health Link Members to explain the passport process

Front page passport photo

Benefits of Guelph Health Link
• Care providers in a range of professions and organizations engage with the health link member to develop a plan
• Referrals can be made more readily
• Reduced assessments to initiate or change services
• Reduced wait times or access to interim services to maintain stability
• Warm handoffs between service providers, always engaging with the health link member

Is this work challenging? ..... Yes!
• We need transformative change from a person-centric perspective; that’s what Health Links is really about
• This means changing such things as our organization protocols, job descriptions, definitions of success in order to better serve our vulnerable population